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About us

We are located in the north-west part of Slovenia, near the Italian border where it has very good connections with other European countries. Our goal is, and has always been, to produce quality products and to have satisfied customers. We always strive to offer something more to our customers – something that would make everyday life better, more comfortable, more beautiful and brighter.

The beginnings of the company MINES TEAM d.o.o. date back to 1992, when the initial activity of the company was primarily metal processing. Later, the company focused and specialized in the development of plumbing fixtures and other sanitary products. From there, the company expanded further and focused on the development and production of luminaires for public lighting. Today, our production under the Mt-light brand includes technical road luminaires, decorative luminaires and floodlighting. We provide multiple lighting solutions for urban and road lighting.

It all started with the founding of the company MINES TEAM d.o.o. in 1992.
The company starts operating within the framework of ISO 9001 quality standard.
The era of solar power plants and solar LED lighting begins.
Only one year later, high-intensity discharge (HID) streetlights were developed.
A new chapter begins with a change in leadership.
The period of intensive development and production of LED luminaries begins.
The company obtains the ISO 14001 certificate.
The luminaires are certified with the ENEC mark.
MT-light is registered as a trademark.
The company switches to a new system (INDUSTRY 4.0).
All luminaires of the NAIT series are marked with the ENEC+ certificate.

Lighting your way

In 2010 MT-LIGHT brand was created, under which the manufacture of technical road luminaires, decorative luminaires, solar LED lights and Industrial luminaries began. MT-LIGHT represents energy efficient, high quality and reliable products. These are the values, with which the company strives to achieve satisfaction and retain the trust of all its loyal and future customers and product end-users.


Responsible environment handling and the importance of safety and health at work are key components of the company's business policy. With principled behaviour, the company follows the vision and the achievement of quality goals in the long term, committed to continuous improvements and a professional level of service provision under the requirements of the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. The quality of products and services and continuous improvements are essential in business and this is confirmed by the obtained ENEC PLUS certificate. To be the best, a constant development of the products and components is necessary to ensure a guarantee for a long-lasting quality. Prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and testing of high-quality LED luminaries are the passions, which the company combines with the highest quality materials and components into very high-quality products intending to satisfy the needs of the customers.


Brand introduction

The MT-light brand was created when the company focused on the production of luminaires for public lighting.

With our lighting solutions program, we are trying to be present everywhere – in Slovenia as well as in the foreign markets. With the MT-light brand, we are offering high-quality, efficient and elegant Slovenian products to compete with established European brands in terms of quality.

Lighting your way

EU - Europski sklad za regionalni razvoj, Spirit slovenjia & RS - Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo