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Arena One 99 Glamping

Our project was done in the first glamping camp in Croatia in Pomer. It is a small but very luxurious camp named “Arena One 99 Glamping” by Arena Hospitality Group. The camp has 199 different types of luxury tents - from family ones to small ones for two people. MT-LIGHT® had the honour to be selected as the main designer and supplier of the outdoor lighting equipment for the entire campsite area.
We carefully selected the optimal lumen package and optics at 3000 K, to ensure minimal glare and at the same time provided maximum uniformity of illumination.

Tu further enhance the lighting comfort we have programmed the luminaires to follow a dimming program that gradually begins to dim the luminaires at a specific time, from which the guests are supposed to go to sleep. This has proven to be an ideal, maintenance-free solution for the camp, meaning it does not involve any controlling software or additional communication interfaces to control its exterior lighting system, since it is following the astrological clock for the given location.

Lighting your way

EU - Europski sklad za regionalni razvoj, Spirit slovenjia & RS - Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo