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It all started with a nice walk with some very good people from Brtonigla Municipality on the beach in Karigador, Croatia. 26 pieces of outdated and energy-inefficient custom-designed street luminaires were a topic for discussion. Only a month later that beautiful black aluminium 5-meter poles were fitted with new NAIT luminaires, painted in RAL9011 to match the colour of Graphite black coloured poles. Lighting calculation revealed that only 15W of connected power was more than enough to achieve excellent lighting results with almost perfect uniformity. If we consider that a 70W HPS luminaire was replaced with a 15W, autonomously dimmable luminaire, then we have provided energy savings greater than 80% with a great improvement in overall lighting quality and user experience.
Compliments to Municipality of Brtonigla for ploughing the fallow land in low areas of Correlated Colour Temperature in street lighting...

Investor: Municipality of Brtonigla, Croatia
Installation: Public lighting
Location: Karigador Promenade
Project: Replacement of high-pressure sodium luminaires with LED luminaires
Project goal: Improvement of lighting uniformity, reduction of operating costs and a cost-effective investment
Solution: MT-LIGHT NAIT luminaire with 2200K LED source and wide optical distribution, ideal for pathways.

Lighting your way

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