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Mt-light did a renovation of public lighting in the municipality of Kobarid

LED LATERNAS has been used for nostalgic atmosphere in the centre of the city. 

LED LATERNA is an alternative for lighting fixtures of High-Pressure Sodium lamps to recreate the typical nostalgic landscape effect.

  • Many application benefits over existing HPS lamps: 
  • up to 2x higher efficiency 
  • better optical control for less sky glow
  • higher CRI & TM-30 Rf for improved color appearance
  • a longer lifetime for reduced maintenance cost
  • no mercury content
  • cuts total blue light content to about half
  • no increase in -450 nm blue content

Lighting your way

EU - Europski sklad za regionalni razvoj, Spirit slovenjia & RS - Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo