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Reconstruction of road lighting on the section of the state road R1-230 section 1399 Vučja vas - Križevci

In June 2020, Elektro Maribor d.d. with MT-LIGHT won a public tender for reconstruction of road lighting on state road R1-230 section 1399 Vučja vas – Križevci.
Existing road luminaries (250 W, equipped with high-pressure sodium lamps) on 9 meter poles were replaced by 75 W NAIT street light series luminaires with various optics and CCTs.
Obsolete lamps were very energy inefficient and due to worn down optical system, so was the road illumination.
The reconstruction reduced the energy consumption by approximately 75% and slashed maintenance costs practically to zero, while highly improving the illumination and ensuring that it complies with EN13201: 2015 road lighting standard.

Lighting your way

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