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Renovation of decorative public lighting on the bridge over the Soča river

This is the famous Bridge over the Soča river in the Kanal settlement in the middle of Soča valley. It was built in 1580 and was originally made of wood. 
Over the years, it has been demolished many times and then repaired again. It was first destroyed in 1805 by the French, who were invading Austria and was later rebuilt In 1816.
During the First World War, the Kanal Bridge was blown up and repaired again in 1920. The image of that time has been preserved to this day, as the bridge was spared during the Second World War.
The final finishing touch was added by the end of 2016, when the conventional high pressure sodium lanterns were replaced by custom designed MT-LIGHT's LED lanterns.
Only 13W of LED power in combination with asymmetrical light distribution was enough to replace 70W HPS lamps, ensuring a glare-free, adequate lighting of the roadway which is a main connection between Nova Gorica and north-west end of Slovenia.
Under the bridge, MT-LIGHT provided blue LED solution to color the bridge blue at night, adding a special touch to the night view of the bridge and surroundings.

Lighting your way

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